Online Registration Procedure

  1. Before you proceed for registration, you should have at least one bill of any recent past three months in your hand.

  2. You should answer three questions related with the detail billing statement of that month.

  3. While answering the questions, you should enter the desired information properly (capital or small letter) as printed on your previous billing statement. Make sure that

    1. The telephone number should be of just 8 digits as Area Code + Tel Number. For example, if you are a subscriber of Kathmandu (being area code 1) with tel no 4455667, you should insert it as 14455667. You can also refer to your earlier billing statements.

    2. The subscriber name and address (case sensitive) should be entered as same as that printed in your previous billing statements. However,if you fail to supply the desired information, you will not be registered.

    3. Bill no. is printed at the top left corner of the statement.

    4. Previous and current meter is printed below the Local Call details under previous and current column.

    5. Local no. of calls is printed below the Local Call details under column.

    6. Local charge, STD and ISD charge is printed at the top right corner under charge summary of the billing statement.

    7. You should enter a password of your choice and should remember it to access statements. Password is case sensitive. Special characters are not allowed to serve as a password.

    8. If the questions are not favourable, click Back and click I Accept once again to get different set of questions.

  4. For accessing bill, you need to enter telephone no. as 8 digits as mentioned above and password.

  5. The billing statements will be best viewed in Internet Explorer with resolution 800x600.
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